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Bauhaus Apartment Redesign by Studio Raanan Stern Architect


Contemporary art and modern design, natural materials and sun light – this Tel Aviv located apartment is truly one sweet jewel of dynamic city life.



The designers of Studio Raanan Stern had completely renovated this 1930s’ apartment and fitted according to the needs of its owner – a world traveling men, preserving only few key features from its old original design like the windows and doors of the apartment maintaining them as an identical copy of those that were in the apartment 80 years ago when it was built, in color and style. Also characteristic for this apartment becomes the fresh emanation of the premises – although relatively small in size, thanks to the whiteness of the walls and fixtures and the abundance of natural light the rooms look spacious and very welcoming.




The interior design for each room contains some special feature, or characteristic approach, or intriguing element making the tour through the space rich and interesting. In the bathroom the alternation of pure white tiles and black metal constructs is accentuated by the presence of warm wood and living plants. Actuality this composition – black and white accentuated by wood and living greenery is characteristic for the whole apartment. The light solutions throughout the home are an artistic mixture of modern and vintage fixtures (such as the two lights hanging above the beautiful wooden dinner table, which were dismantled from an old factory in the Czech Republic). This combination of modern and antique goes and for the furniture pieces, made from different materials: straw, velvet, wood and metal- most of which were collected from different antique shops and customized for the design of this modern apartment. The pieces of contemporary art along with the light and cozy looking textures complete the picture and create one very stylishly looking home to come to.