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Charming With Cheerful Artistic Details House on 2nd Street


Absolutely charming, with cheerful artistic details and the solid, noble presence of natural materials this house is strategically located in the historic center of Chihuahua City, in north-central Mexico.

innovative-contemporary- house-urban-center-1

innovative-contemporary- house-urban-center-7

The architecture of the house is an interesting mixture of renovated two stories property and innovative contemporary housing in the urban center. Roof teases, inner-patios, and surrounding garden straighten the warm, inviting emanation of the interior design. The beautiful wooden library-bridge is a central division between bedrooms and living room premises and brings unique charm with its characteristic presence.

innovative-contemporary- house-urban-center-8

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innovative-contemporary- house-urban-center-9

The dynamic, level-broken architectural structure of the house allows playful and vital approach towards the interior decor solutions. Warm colors (with vital slashes of intense yellow, green and purple) are accentuating the fresh combination of vintage furniture with modern designer’s pieces. The architects from LABorstudio took a special care for the green premises of the house – the third and top level is a rooftop terrace with a ceramic floor tile, which allows the earthen roof to breathe out the extra moisture. Here ceramic plant pots and contemporary patio furniture complete the arrangement. Throughout the property, the grasses, shrubs, and trees are a selection of native plants. Concrete modular pavers allow for the absorption of rainwater to help support the plants and as a cherry on the top, in the back yard there is a water fountain. So by combining fresh, natural life, high-quality materials and artistic design solutions this house becomes a magnificent home where relaxation and comfort are eminent.  Photographs: Rafael Gamo

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