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Tubes Turn the Radiator into a Design Object


Tubes Radiatori was the first company to turn the radiator into a design object: for Tubes, the radiator is an integral part of the architectural project, and it is no longer a mere component of the central heating system. With a view to offering a cutting-edge collection not just in terms of performance but also as regards interior design, Tubes has implemented its existing wide range of variants available with stylish special finishes which enhance the value of the material, making its products even more suitable to accommodate the most diverse design and decorative needs.


“Sensuality and plasticity: these two distinctive traits are the basis of the planning idea of the Milano radiator. Its sinuous and sculptural body synthesises the desire for formal experimentation in the field of the furnishing radiating element, in the search for free- standing or mural solutions which have still not really been researched much until today. These are characteristics which make this an integrating and characterising element of internal design in its most single meaning, offering with its versatility and with its plastic strength a wide range of possible solutions. From isolated element of a purely formal connotation to a real instrument defining spaces”. – Astori DePonti Associati


Milano comes from the challenge of Tubes to enrich the furnishing heating element with new contents, starting a technical and formal search for avant-garde solutions of great simplicity. Milano fully interprets this design and opens new perspectives in the planning field. Greatest installation flexibility and modularity are the main prerogatives, together with the strong personality, which make it an absolutely varied furnishing complement. Milano can be installed on the wall, it can be free-standing, and it is also available in the brand-new ceiling version, made possible by a particular fitting and by a type of absolutely innovative connection, which represents the most advanced ceiling installation technique, and expresses the search for solutions which are alternative to wall installations: Milano comes in this version with a tie studs kit in seven different heights (from 40 up to 150 cm) that can position the radiator at the desired height from the ceiling.



“We believe contained and the container should speak the same language. For this reason, we have redesigned the individual element that defines the look of the traditional radiator. We have made it basic and elegant, endlessly modular and perfectly in line with contemporary spaces”. – Ludovica+Roberto Palomba


The charm of the original lives on in this new design that releases the heat radiating element from its original technical appearance, creating a furnishing accessory ideal for contemporary spaces. The creative concept plays with the essential lines and repeating modules. Minimalist elegance and aesthetic balance are the notes that define the Soho range, creating a link from the past to a present in perfect harmony with more contemporary concepts of interior design. The radiator is built with hot extrusion aluminium sections held together by a patented positioning and locking system.


Soho is available in vertical and horizontal versions, with single and double columns, from 60 cms to 280 cms in height and between 17.6 cms and 280 cms wide. In the double columns version, Soho can also be installed in the free-standing version, both horizontally and vertically (this last option is equipped with a special support at the base). The free-standing solution emphasises its sculptural appearance and is ideal for creating very effective solutions where the radiator becomes the protagonist of space. A key basic feature of the model is its considerable water saving, about 75% less compared to a traditional tubular radiator with the same thermal output; this means Soho is fully entitled to join the category of environmentally sustainable products, which, in addition to guaranteeing low consumption, are made using completely recyclable materials. Soho represents the perfect answer for low energy buildings (class A, class B and even passive buildings) as its extremely low water requirement and excellent heat response make it the most efficient system around, both in terms of comfort and cost containment.


Creativity meets technology; functionality meets aesthetics in Trame, the radiator with dazzling lines and striking versatility, designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Trame is the result of experimental work with a dual research purpose, design and technology innovation: the heating element is revolutionised through a free and easy approach, introducing a brand-new way of looking at a traditional (and often seen as not very interesting) household item.
Tubes has been working for some time on the theme of reinterpreting the traditional radiator, producing results that touch on the contemporary art world. And now it’s going even further, giving us something that is between the unique and the very best in craftsmanship.
In Trame, the traditional tubular steel elements are treated like coloured threads, pursuing each other through warp and weft, creating attractive backdrops on the wall. Fluid lines follow one another in a dainty game of blocks and voids, amplifying the metal’s reflective properties producing changeable, lovely, three-dimensional effects.


Giovannoni’s design fits seamlessly into the ideal line that makes up the Elements collection, the expression of the research and experimental work with which Tubes has explored this new concept of a radiator. Trame has been devised not just as a heating system component, but as an essential part of the architectural structure and design for interiors, imbued with a strong personality and always able to guarantee the very best functional performance.
Trame is Best of Year 2012 Product Winner in the category “Bath Accessories and Hardware”, the award organised by the American magazine Interior Design, and winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2014.


“The t.b.t. the design originated from our wish to express the character, the mood, the fascinating subtle atmosphere of American industrial spaces. We wanted to transfer the ease and essentiality of these captivating environments inside domestic spaces. t.b.t. is a design of synthesis: poetic, with a strong identity, and extremely versatile. It can be used either free-standing or on walls vertically or horizontally, with each application generating different furnishing solutions.” – Ludovica +Roberto Palomba


Simplicity, the main concept of Elements collection project, gives the shape of the radiating elements t.b.t., creating new formal and technical solutions for the contemporary architectural setting. t.b.t. looks like a simple pipe, covered in chromed brass. It has a 7cm diameter in which a special internal circuit is installed to let the hot water circulate appropriately and eventually allows the installation of an electric element. This model is available not only in the hydraulic version but also in the electric or dual function version: in that case one of the two terminal knobs, perfectly incorporated in the main body design, acts as general switcher to turn on or off the electric element. t.b.t. can be installed horizontally or vertically with hidden wall supports, singularly or in a group of two or three elements. Lengths go from 120 to 200cm. A self-standing version, with a special chromed foot attached to the floor (available both in hydraulic and the electric version, height 150 or 180cm), sets the radiator free from the traditional wall supports. It becomes a real and proper piece of decorative furniture.