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Mexican Weekend Villa with Minimalistic Decorated Small Garden


A Mexican weekend villa has fallen under the spell of Asian architectural and design influence. The Asian minimalistic aesthetics and organic correlation with the landscape are obviously suitable not only for the countries of its origin, but it can be successfully translated in other places as well.



Testament of this is the 4.1.4 House project of AS/D Asociación de Diseño located in Jurica – Mexico. The dynamic concept of its architectural layout is fragmenting the living premises in 4 main volumes, inner-connected by delicately arranged and minimalistic decorated small gardens, patios and water premises. The interaction between the modules creates an interior-exterior relationship where the interior is strongly connected to nature and the passage from one space to another is often under the open sky.


The furnishing of the house corresponds with its architectural aesthetic – is contemporary, clear-lined, minimalistic and with dominating rectangular shapes.  The restrained color palate allows the surrounding landscape to take the leading role in the forming of the house spirit and combined with the clean simple presence of concrete structures and dark metal framing creates one very elegant and provocative ambiance.  Photographs: Rafael Gamo