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Leather Tiles Create Effect of Depth and Width


Breath collection by Lapèlle, is presented in light gray and dark gray tones, a color modulation which plays with different shapes and sizes for a seductive effect of grace and sophistication. A neutral composition but especially designed to enhance the walls of a study, a living room or a bedroom and create an unexpected effect of depth and width. The soft feel of suede leather creates an intimate, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


Leather is a natural solution functional and original and its resistance and maintenance is much easier than you might imagine, it does not require any special device. They naturally match any decor and they are enhanced in combination with other natural materials such as wood and stone. The installation of the leather tiles does not necessarily require the intervention of specialized staff and allows to remove or replace each tile endless times without structural work.


The first step is to lay the fixing kit, a layer of Velcro which covers the surface to be coated, then simply install the leather tiles which, thanks to a mechanism buttonhole-hooks, are fixed to the surface remaining removable for each possible replacement, maintenance or change. Breath is only one of the patterns that can be made with Lapèlle leather tiles: a wide palette of colors and finishes free the creativity of architects and designers who can design their own composition to create a totally unique and original result.


Each Lapèlle leather tile is made of cow or buffalo finished leather saddled in the mold of polyurethane medium density open-cell that makes the tiles also suitable for wet areas, such as bathrooms. Lapèlle leather tiles are finished to be water and stain resistant.