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Luxury Lake House With Exotic Landscape


Modern luxury and artistic architecture entwine in this stunning villa located at the shores of Mexico Lake Chapala. The solid presence of stone (as construction element and as a decorative one) grounds the house, its unusual architectural shape and the body of water combined with exotic landscape brigs lightness and playful spirit – this combination between natural elements and imagination creates unique atmosphere.

garden yard paths stone constructs

mexico villa exotic landscape

mexico villa exotic landscape 1

beautiful lake house 1

Located among majestic hills and beautiful lake, the house successfully opens itself to the surrounding and invites the wonderful views without imposing on the landscape, integrating in this way harmoniously whit its environment. Hidden pats, discreet gardens, and exotic water bodies surround the living premises. Being designed for a very large family, the villa possesses dynamic arrangement of space and functionality needed for easy vacation time. The architects Juan Ignacio Castiello Arquitectos arrange private and independent living zones and bungalows for the children and guests of the family accompanying all structures with character developing gardens, yards, paths and stone constructs.

modern luxury villa

discreet gardens exotic water bodies

stunning mexico villa 1

The interior design is a stylish mixture of highly functional contemporary innovations adorns with unostentatious rustic elements. This combination of traditional and contemporary is primordially defined by the stone constructs, the beautiful local textiles and the high quality of the materials used in construction and decoration of this home. The wonderful wooden elements from the furnishing and cladding of the premises bring style and warmth, which lies very elegantly and naturally onto the neutral canvas of the main beige-white-gray palette.  This classic and stylish combination – beautiful wooden elements and soft light textures is cleverly accentuated and vitalized by the presence of colorful elements and textiles, together with many stylish decorations and elements from the natural surroundings of the villa.  Photographs: Marcos García , Mito Covarrubias

wonderful wooden elements furnishing

combination traditional contemporary

rustic elements living room

beautiful lake house 2

beautiful lake house

stunning mexico villa

rustic elements bedroom decor

beautiful lake house 3