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Apartment in Kiev by Ukrainian Studio Ruslan Kovalchuk


Apartment in Kiev – a project by Ukrainian Studio Ruslan Kovalchuk – his goal was to use the available space more efficiently. Authors of the project tried to prove that stylish and at the same time a functional design is not on the largest space is quite possible.

apartment kiev living room 2

apartment kiev living room 1

apartment kiev living room 5

apartment kiev living room 4

The family home has two bedrooms; the nursery is functional, bright and cheerful. Parents’ bedroom is more elegant and restrained in gray and white colors. Predominant feeling of urban atmosphere and family comfort. In a living, room designers added interior comfort with warm yellow details.

apartment kiev kids room 1

apartment kiev kids room 3

apartment kiev kids room 2

apartment kiev bedroom 1

apartment kiev bedroom 2

apartment kiev bedroom 3

apartment kiev kitchen 3

apartment kiev kitchen 1

apartment kiev kitchen 2