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South American Luxury Villa in Peru


Designed and arranged very much in the style of South American luxury this Peruvian villa located in the bay resort of Ancon – a neighborhood of Lima – is actually originally designed in 1958 by the Swiss architect Theodor Cron, whose architectural style has strong influence on modern Peruvian architecture.

luxury villa living room

luxury villa long dining table

In the case of this beautiful villa; being in the family for three generations – from their grandfather’s time – and having artistic, historical and architectural value, the architects from Adrián Noboa Arquitecto charged with its renovation and expansion project, were consciously and carefully using the original plans of the villa as a departing point.

language markedly horizontal elements

luxury villa dining area

The furnishing throughout the house is contemporary, functional and in a way minimalistic. The long wooden tables, the white surfaces and the ostentatious design of the soft – sitting combined create very comfortable and inviting ambiance. The language of the architectural composition is enhanced by using natural local stone in cladding, the beautiful wooden elements and the preservation and introduction into the design of the surrounding natural plant life. The beautiful panoramic views were the other goal for the renovation of the property, and it was worth it, we may say.   Photographs: Renzo Rebagliati

luxury villa long horizontal planes 1

luxury villa peru

luxury villa long horizontal planes

modern peruvian architecture 2

luxury villa long horizontal planes 3

coating walls natural stone

modern peruvian architecture

modern peruvian architecture 3