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Urban Home with Character-Defining Four Courtyards


Wonderful urban home with character-defining four courtyards and contemporary dynamics – that is the summon for the Andres Stebelski Arquitecto house project, located in the heart of old town Tacubaya, Mexico City. The vigorous architectural construct alternates solid volumes and voids courtyards and glass cubes, stairs and gardens, levels and trees – all framed with dark metal lines and given substance from natural materials and vital plant life.

wonderful urban home mexico 6

glass cubes stairs gardens 6

wonderful urban home mexico 2

The vast windows and sliding walls mediate the unobstructed float between out and inner premises living the leading role in the space arrangement to the garden plant life. In the living room, the central focal point becomes the bespoke two-story library that is framed by clear lined modern furniture and glass walls, introducing bohemian hint in this urban dwelling. The warmth of the wooden cladding and caramel décor details is juxtaposed to the dark, grayish color palette of the furniture choices. The three bedrooms on the second floor are decided with brighter and cozy arrangement. All together the house combines elegantly the urban edge whit the more natural even rural expression entwining aluminum framing with lush vegetation, clear glass with solid wood, sun and earth in one dynamic and stylish home.   Photographs: Onnis Luque

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wonderful urban home mexico

glass cubes stairs gardens 4

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glass cubes stairs gardens 3

wonderful urban home mexico 5

glass cubes stairs gardens

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