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Unique Living Space Located in Taipe


This modern apartment means a lot to the hostess, who lived here with their parents more. Located in Taipei, Taiwan, the residence is decorated design studio Ganna Design. The interior combines bright, colorful and dark shades. Elements of industrial style are combined with soft textures and bright colors. In each room, there is a colorful accent, and colored glass are reminiscent of beautiful stained glass windows in the church.




Apartment full of memories of growth for the hostess. She grew up and lived with her parents in this house, which is a 30 years house with mezzanine. Regarding the design genre, the style, influenced by the religion of this family and the two little daughters, tends to be changed from sedate dark to vigorous colors. The design point is the colorful window ornamented in the stairwell. The concept of this colorful window generates from beautiful glass windows in a church. This window view provides a wonderful corner for the users to take a breath and think deeply.






The lower layer is used to be common areas. The overall adoption starts from black wood floors. Designers connect the open kitchen with a long dining table. Users in the house can feel a sense of extensiveness. The main wall in the dining room is cement finish plus dyed veneer and painted glass, creating a multi-layer color change.





The upper layer is used as private areas, the master’s bedroom and the kid’s room. Lotus color is the main color the master’s bedroom and pink are the main color in the kid’s bedroom. The color adoption clear presents the characteristics of different users. In a word, through the renovation, this family can live in a familiar space, where is full of accumulated memories, with a new face.