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Casa Xixim Combine Natural Materials with Exotic View


Want an exotic refuge and luxurious ambiance to stretch your legs in? This Mexican villa located in a protected bay of Tulum is not only a wonderful architectural and design project for Specht Harpman but also a self-sufficient house composition, surrounded by the beautiful natural paradise that attract us irresistibly.

mexican-home- traditional-elegant-design-16

mexican-home- traditional-elegant-design-14

mexican-home- traditional-elegant-design-13

Combining natural materials with exotic view, the warmth of the traditional local decorations with the warmth of exquisite materials and the freshness of the contemporary design with the freshness of the sea breeze the architects’ achieved to create one truly dreamy house.  Approaching the house through luxurious vegetation, passing by spacious and inviting pool area and entering into the warm comfort of caramel wood and crisp white one can fill the diligent attention towards every detail of the architecture and design of this place. The rectangular architectural volumes are constructed only as a frame for the nested interior, allowing open, unobstructed float between the exotic gardens and the cozy inside of the home. For the interior solutions, the designer introduced hints of textiles, ornaments and mosaics referencing the Mexican home tradition design and elegantly combining them whit the contemporary furniture and classy materials create unmistakable character for the house.

mexican-home- traditional-elegant-design-3

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mexican-home- traditional-elegant-design

This magnificent seaside jewel has the delicate emanation and the exotic dynamic entwined to compose one truly charming and attractive refuge.  The whiteness of the design, its beige and caramel gleams combined with the azure of the sea and the greenness of the life surrounding the hose are so inviting… we should go!  Photographs: Taggart Sorensen

mexican-home- traditional-elegant-design-15

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