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Japanese Project for Italian Restaurant in Tokyo


Stylish and clear lines Japanese project for an Italian restaurant whose new branch opened in Yachiyo Midorigaoka Station, a suburb of Tokyo. The architectural studio Oska&Partners transformed the former parking place into a light, open and elegant meeting spot where not only fine cuisine can be enjoyed but also the fine company in a fine atmosphere. Natural wood is the key material, used throughout the restaurant in different combination and purposes. The clean elegance of the wood defines the style and the Asian emanation of the space. Cladding, flooring, parquet, furniture, bespoke decorative elements, fittings and shelves – all in a variety of three types and wooden colors – that brings certain something to the space, and adds warm coziness to the huge open spaces.

passo novita italian restaurant

specific lighting solutions

The designers choose not to divide the former garage scene, not by conventional divisions, anyway.  The ceiling arrangement and the light setting becomes artistic and unusual space differentiation. The dynamic alternation of different types of designer’s lamps, specific lighting solutions and the intriguing shapes of the ceiling segments creates a space with eight distinctive sections or dining premises. This elegant and characteristic float of the space, the abundance of natural materials and the green plants presence create one modern, comfortable and memorable restaurant atmosphere.    Photographs: kentahasegawa

passo novita italian restaurant 11

italian restaurant 4

passo novita italian restaurant 4

warm coziness huge open spaces

natural materials green plants

ceiling segments space

passo novita italian restaurant 9

passo novita italian restaurant 2

italian restaurant

passo novita italian restaurant 3

passo novita italian restaurant 1

passo novita italian restaurant 6

passo novita italian restaurant 5