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Trendy Interior by Tolicci Design Studio


Art. Alexandra Krajcovicova and Ing. Tomas Belica has created light, airy and trendy interior with contrasting elements. This is a 48,3 m2 space turned by Tolicci Design Studio into a cozy gathering place for the whole family.


The design for this project is based on the client’s requests: creating lighted, airy interior with contrasting features and the inclusion of functional ceramic floor in the kitchen and wooden floor in the rest of the designed space and incorporating an American refrigerator into the kitchen. It is a large open space that combines three functions – cooking, dining, and relaxation. It was, therefore, necessary to treat this area with a special approach since the space is open and must be individually defined for each part so at the same time it looks like an integrated whole.



The basis of the kitchen counter became the American fridge from which we further unfolded in our design as it is a relatively large surface and a material feature in the overall compositions. We optically linked the fridge with the rest of the kitchen counter putting it in the same matt stainless-steel decoration. We tuned the rest of the kitchen counter in white color to which we have chosen a contrasting anthracite color, which we applied to the worktop and the front part of the cooking island. With wooden decor on the ceiling about the kitchen and some features of the kitchen counter, we linked the kitchen with the living room. At the same time, the wooden material softened and warmed the appeal of the kitchen counter as such. The kitchen area is completed by mounted tubular spotlights that illuminate the working part of the kitchen counter.



As in the kitchen, we used the contrasting element also in the dining room – white table with a dark table top. We turned the chairs in the same tones as the table that creates for us a nice contrast with the floor. The client´s requirement was the incorporation of a folding table for the PC, which we have placed in the way that it became a part of a hinged gray paneling that defines the space of the dining room. To give a stamp of elegance to the space, we chose this time a copper color in the form of simply shaped lamps that we lowered over the dining table and so even more allocated the dining area.
In the living room, the dominant feature has become the anthracite sofa that we completed with contrasting red chair placed next to the library. To complete the overall shape and color unification of the interior we have chosen a TV set of anthracite color with wooden features and a high cabinet in glossy white color.



With colorfulness and overall tone of the materials we have managed to create a unique lighted interior which in itself carries fine luxury features softly returned to natural and light colors and therefore it is possible to perceive the complexity and unity of the entire space.