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R House


Who would know that in Barcelona there is so much wild nature and untainted surroundings to turn a simple family home into sunny Mediterranean villa? This project of Artigas Arquitectes has the charming sunny emanation of a vacation home, the functionality of a modern dwelling and the artistry of a truly remarkable interior design project. Conquering the steep slopes the architects created a dynamic composition of three levels, which consist of strategically arranged volumes, roofs and teases to capture not only the breathtaking view but also the best atmospheric and sunlight options.

energetic dynamic architectura 1

energetic dynamic architectura

functional modern dwelling outdoor

functional modern dwelling living area

The interior design of the house corresponds with the energetic and dynamic architectural layout and adopts a contemporary approach towards furnishing, materials, and colors. Noble materials like unpainted wood, natural stone, and white concrete are supplemented by vital textures and modern shapes.  The comfortable and cozy ambiance has the taste of designer’s made lamps, elements, and furniture compositions, bespoke fittings and textiles and the artistic presence of strong colors. The vast sunny premises, clad in wood are additionally warmed up by the summer colors (deep green, generous yellow and azure blue) – transfusing in this way the vitality of the surrounding natural colors into this enjoyable living space.  Photographs: Isabel Casanova

functional modern dwelling dining area

functional modern dwelling living room

functional modern dwelling kitchen

functional modern dwelling remarkable interior design project

dynamic architectura

functional modern dwelling bathroom