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New Collection of Scandinavian-inspired Stoves by MCZ


Nordic design in an Italian style that is a new stoves by MCZ with captivating design will be available on the market from September 2015.


The new collection of Scandinavian-inspired stoves relaunches MCZ’s stylistic icons: no front ventilation grilles and extreme care in the selection of materials.


MCZ Group SPA, leader in the international market of pellet products, will introduce a new collection of stoves in 2015, which associates the most innovative operating technologies with a captivating design, inspired by the historic heritage of Nordic design. The essential characteristics of this new range are the use of materials of the highest quality and impact (glass, stone, high thickness metal) and no front ventilation grilles. These stylistic aspects have now become a kind of “signature” for the most refined models of the MCZ pellet range and feature in this new collection an increasingly complete and mature development.


Vivo 85 Hydro
Pellet product in hydro version, with large glass front, side or front pellet loading door, air vents in the lower frame. It conveys hot water to all the radiators in the home and can be pulled out completely on its tracks to facilitate special maintenance operations.


One of the most iconic MCZ products, the first pellet stove to win the prestigious IF Design Awards in 2011, is being relaunched this year with a the leather-effect ceramic finish, highly Tactile and very original. Toba comes in three versions: air-operated, ducted and hydro.