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Fresh and Full with Light RP House


Lately, Chile is stepping on to the world’s architectural scene with come very refreshing and natural design projects – would you like to see one?  The crisp atmosphere, clear lines, light and bright materials and structures, textures that provoke cozy and welcoming feelings – altogether a fresh and full with light space. This, in a nutshell, is the project of CMA Arquitectos located at the foot of Lake Vichuquén – an elegant, contemporary and dynamic project with an earthly charm and unforgettable details.





The facade of the villa nestled between the luxuriant local plant life, mellow hills, and stunning views is unusual and creative. With its pyramidal roof segments and the abundance of natural materials in light shades, the villa construct resembles an artistic, fresh and contemporary pavilion palace placed in an enchanted forest. Stone, wood, and raw concrete create the material composition and the stylish white, beige and caramel color palette creates the interior warmth, which is enriched by the occasional presence of delicate nuances in blue, pink and gray. The interior decor of the house is a wonderful mixture between contemporary elegance and vintage charm. The natural textures – wood supplemented by knitted textiles and designer lamps made from cane, raw concrete framed by untitled wood, clay elements and vintage furniture and of course the clear presence of the rich natural light create one bright, elegant and very enjoyable home.







The different prisms of the roof structure not only capture the abundance of light for the inner premises but also introduce views of the treetops, creating inside the spatial perception of living in a forest. Altogether this is a house with light and fresh emanation that is strongly connected with its surrounding and the natural aspects of life.   Photographs: Sebastian Aedo / Estudio Apulso