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Very Brazilian Relaxed and Cozy Home


Very Brazilian, relaxed and cozy home, where natural light enters freely during panoramic windows alongside to a park. The concept of architect Leo Romano for the apartment of 419 m², in the Marist Sector, in Goiania.

brazilian relaxed cozy home 7

brazilian apartment fully open panoramic windows 2

The owners, a couple of musicians with two children, gave full freedom to the architect Leo Romano, to create their dream home. The restful atmosphere of a well-settled home, full of colors, shapes and details, demonstrating bohemian lifestyle and desire of the family to live well.

brazilian apartment fully open panoramic windows 1

brazilian apartment fully open panoramic windows 3

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The large living area of ​​the apartment is fully open with panoramic windows to a park, with a green reflection of the trees. Wood also determines the furnishing, combine classics like Sergio Rodrigues’ bench Mucki and Hans Wegner chairs undergoes with vintage objects and artworks. The two major columns in the living room were covered with mirrors and thus deprived of their presence. White chair and sofa covers correspond with white lights, including multiple copies of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni cocoon-like Pendeleleuchte Viscontea from 1960. For atmospheric accents, Planters, brass and glass vases, while light gray, beige, and white-brown-spotted carpets the enhance lightness of the interior.

brazilian relaxed cozy home 1

brazilian apartment fully open panoramic windows

brazilian relaxed cozy home

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