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Modernist Brutalism of the Row Concrete at Maison Le Cap


Do you like the light romantic spirit of the French Mediterranean coast, the freshness and elegance of the minimalistic approach towards the decor and the cozy merger between the natural elements of the architectural construct and the surrounding landscape? If you do, this project of Pascal Grasso Architectures will capture and mesmerize you like it did us. Harmoniously nested between the steep slopes and the typical for the region vegetation the construction of this house consist of rectangular cubes in modernistic style that combine with ingenuity natural elements of the surrounding mineral content: raw concrete, stone, glass and stainless steel.




The whole architectural and material assembly, along with the stylish design solutions feels very natural, earthly, rural even, but with unmistakable contemporary presence. This combination is very rare and when successfully applied, like here, very elegant. The solid stone walls are cleverly juxtaposed to the white elegance of the modern furniture; the row concrete is perfectly matched by the beautiful light wood and the transparency of the vast glass window helps the merger of stylish interior and the stunning surrounding landscape.





… And how about this intense purple corridor? Calm and earthly, calm and elegant throughout the house and certainly – jazz up men! An unexpected twist, which vitalizes the space and adds spice to this contextual design. The modernistic brutalism of the row concrete rectangles combined with the natural comfort of the stone interior and the playful contemporary notes of the decorative elements, art details, and furnishing create one truly unique and capturing space.