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Disfrutar Restaurant – New Barcelona Culinary Jewel


A place to experience with all five senses?  Disfrutar –which loosely translated from Spanish means – to taste, to enjoy – is the new Barcelona culinary jewel designed artistically and with a dynamic approach from El Equipo Creativo. The location (unusually nested between buildings on an active street in the city) and the owners’ distinct desire for natural, fresh and stylish approach towards the culinary fusion and the decor’s eclecticism decided the final outlook and unique character of the place.

beautiful ceramic lattice like ornaments 2

beautiful ceramic lattice like ornaments 1

beautiful ceramic lattice like ornaments

ceramic compositions

The beautiful ceramic lattice-like ornaments that clad the kitchen bar premise or form the wall in the white, light, fresh saloon are supplemented by ceramic compositions with artistic approach and in their most natural, plane form throughout the premises. The playful and colorful arrangement of the ceramic tiles greets the visitor from the facade and fallows through the saloon, the bar, the kitchen and the winery becoming the main feature of the restaurants design.  This composition, combined with the welcoming and calm emanation of the white decor base, the unostentatious furnishing (classic table solutions and white lattice chairs) creates one very thoughtfully organized premise for a pleasant meal.

light fresh saloon

restaurant light fresh saloon

white wall light fresh saloon

light fresh saloon 1

restaurant decor

The restaurant has two distinctive zones – the calm and charming inner saloon and the more dynamic and urban entrance part, both connected by a kitchen passage corridor that allows the visitors a curios glimpse of the chef’s kingdom.  The green additions, the courtyard terrace and the abundance of sun light add to the cozy charm of the place. All together- a vital and dynamic attitude towards the interior that invites us to experience with all senses.  Photographs: Adrià Goula

colorful arrangement ceramic tiles 2

colorful arrangement ceramic tiles 6

colorful arrangement ceramic tiles 11

colorful arrangement ceramic tiles 4

colorful arrangement ceramic tiles 3

colorful arrangement ceramic tiles