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Pure Essence by Platino Design Studio


Platino Interior Design Studio has sent us this inspiring design of an interior with a lively palette of white, yellow and beige.



How to utilize space in an irregular pentagon? Our decision was to adapt our designs to the given shape and, through careful arrangement of all elements, allow the rough stone to shine.


Light, an essential element you can’t do without:
What did we do to ensure good lighting for every room in the ground floor and basement? We restructured the available space, rearranging the existing skylight, light-absorbing shades and windows to let adequate light into every room.




The human element is at the core of “home”:
The main focus of our living space shouldn’t be something as impersonal as a TV set. Therefore, we opted to put the TV away from the room’s center and add a fireplace for enhanced comfort and a warmer atmosphere.


Creating something new to satisfy essential needs:
We separated the main bathroom into two units by inserting a stairwell, making sure that dry and wet spaces are neatly separated.


Art is at the heart of natural beauty:
We didn’t attempt to hide the stairwell’s shape, but rather incorporated it into the room’s overall design scheme. The steeply arched curve of the stairs’ underside inspired us to let it merge smoothly with the surrounding shapes and lines. Light installations help to create an interesting interplay of light and shadow, generating a kaleidoscope of splendid geometric shapes.



Taking our cue from origami, we folded the iron parts extending from the entrance hall into three large frames that serve as support for designer lighting fixtures, creating a postmodern ambience. Throughout the day, as the light shifts, our see-through designs produce interesting patterns of light playing on the walls, further underlining the overall artistic effect.




Inspired design brings out the essence of space:
We made good use of the wall’s 140 degrees angle, installing bookshelves that give the impression of an opened book. The lively palette of alternating rich yellow and plain white brightens up the entire room, welcoming you as if with open arms.