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Brasilia Located Red Bricks House


The warm, earthly sensation that radiates from this Brasilia located house comes from the usage of character defining red bricks and abundance of natural wooden cladding and furnishing. The architects from Bloco Arquitetos had a fun creative time constructing different dynamic structures with the bricks – a solid brick partitions, a glass bricks ornaments created especially for this project that allow you to see through, or a layout like a “twist: that leaves empty spaces between the structures to provide light and natural ventilation. The whole architectural construct has the warm red presence of the brick walls, and it is orientated (like an old time hacienda) around a central courtyard with a swimming pool premise.








The interior design is decided in natural material palette (wood, leather, polished concrete and stone) and earthly pastel colors – burgundy red combined with dark wooden brown for the kitchen and dark brown leather furniture with light wood and different beige tonalities for the living room. The living areas are interconnected in one light and open space, the long wooden dining table passes into a cute coffee table with contemporary shaped chairs and then the space traverses into the classic comfort of soft leather coaches. Floor–to-ceiling windows and many glass doors open the premise as much it is possible – a necessity, as much as designers choice,  in the hot climate of Brazil. Contemporary art and paintings of renowned artists, along with the fresh greenery of beautiful plans complete this welcoming and comfortable interior.