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Timber House – Welcoming and Fresh Creation of KUHNLEIN Architektur


It is so refreshing when something sunny like this enters your day; it looks like a fresh summer day, isn’t it? Truly mesmerizing project from KÜHNLEIN Architektur this Timber House evokes fresh and clean sensation with its warm and unique wooden structures, spacious and full with light premises and great attention toward the details form the interior decor.



The house is located on a high plateau in Upper Palatinate, a part of Bavaria, Germany and consist of two gabled structures – one is hosting the living spaces and the other a number of bedrooms. The facade orientated towards the road is screened with lamella of timber – so from this point of view the house appears like two identical side-by-side homes with no windows. This optical illusion is very intriguing and invites for further examination.




In this welcoming and fresh creation of KÜHNLEIN Architektur the timber coating continues from the exterior to the interior design and structural framework. The caramel presence of the wood complimented by the mellow shine of bespoke copper fittings creates a warm, honeybee hive-like the ambiance that relaxes and brings fresh enjoyment to any inhabitant. The almost Asian, wooden minimalistic of the interior with its spacious and clean esthetics offers very welcoming and soft ambiance.
At the open-plan living room premises there are few intriguing details that deserve special attention – the first is the rotating fireplace that occupies the center of the sitting zone and it’s not something that can often be seen, the other focal point naturally becomes the long dining table created from offcuts left after the construction of the house and the final stylish touch that grabs our attention is the copper wiring and lighting installation that has certain artistry added to its functionality. On and all – a delicious, fresh space to live in!