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Greek Island Mansion with Beautiful Stone Walls by Z-level


Mediterranean luxury, with a contemporary take on interior design and sustainability. Placed among 300 trees of an olive grove this Greek island mansion with its beautiful stone structure, natural material palette and breathtaking views over the sea is a vacation home for two brothers and their families who are trying to reconnect with their roots, heritage and with the land of their ancestors.




The two houses joined by communal gardens, patio and open resting areas are built to fit not only the local vernacular architecture and climate (with special attention towards sun position, openings and ventilation) but also have their specific character thanks to the below sea-level position and the magnificent stone structures.




bedroom-soft textiles-textures-interior

bedroom-soft textiles-textures-interior-1


The architectural structure –a creation of Z-level architects – is complex and multilayered – cantilevered roof, metal columns framing the facade, glass-side opening segments. All sustained in, as much it is possible, natural and local materials. Polychaetes stone and natural earth to color the cement on the roof and the roads, weaved cane for the shadows of the terraces, soft textiles and textures for the interior.  The furnishing is minimalistic and modern: in a restrained color palette and according to the newest furniture trends – functional and arty. The spaces unfold gradually, like the views toward the sea and most of them have direct and unobstructed access to the outside romantic landscape. Although the villa is modern and experimental in some ways, it still stays strongly connected with the ground in which is situated- not only through the fact that is sheltered in a nudge in the landscape but also through the materials and stones used in the construct and through its open Mediterranean plan and spirit.  Photographs: Yiorgis Yerolybos