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Functional Apartment Space in Tel Aviv With Cheerful Colors


Contemporary and functional apartment space in Tel Aviv with cheerful colors and intriguing segments. This collaboration project between Amir Navon – Studio 6B, Maayan Zusman and Moran Ben Ami possesses playful spirit, strong colorful character and tender elegance that comes from the combination between light and shape, plants and modern materials, lines and textures -all mixed in artful amalgam.  The glass structures, space – cubicles, rotating windows, transparent walls and shining surfaces dominate the decor and create smooth and dynamic ambiance. The bespoke cabinets, build in fixtures and niches add to the dynamic and modern emanation of the apartment.








Every detail in the apartment is specially designed for this project from the door handles to the bespoke built in cabinets and the glass cubes of the bathroom and the guest toilet. They optimize the limited space and introduce clever and artistic solutions into the dеcor. Throughout the apartment those glass cubes – as a furniture and space solutions – capture the attention, break the routine spaces arrangement and contribute to the uniqueness of the space. Black and white with accents of yellow and aquamarine create spirited and stylish ambiance. The modern lines and shapes of furniture, lighting solutions and architectural structures is supplemented by the classic comfort of some of the textures, the wooden additions to the furniture and the natural plant life introduced into the premises( particularly intriguing the orange tree that grows in the middle of the terrace). Despite its small size, the apartment is a very fresh, welcoming and trendy urban space to inhabit- perfect for young people or small families.   Photographs: Gidon Levin 181 Architecture Photography