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New Trendy Restaurant & Bar by CAA


The new “post-modernistic” creation of CAA becomes yet another reason why the Chinese architectural scene is established as one of the trend-setting destinations.  This Jordan Road Restaurant & Bar with its dynamic contemporary design is successfully combining the traditional Chinese “bamboo weaving” elements with western “Arch” structure. The smooth curves of the wooden beams are cleverly juxtaposed by the graphic cubical pattern of the floor tiles. The late 80’s disco furniture (the leather upholstered, half-circle benches) and the futuristic, elegant shapes of the white chairs complete the picture.





The lighting solutions are discreetly build in the columns and the ceiling decorations and provide muted light, which combined with the dark colors, the heavy furnishing and the geometrical patterns create dark moody atmosphere that has the mesmerizing emanation of a fairytale or fantasy castle. The curved beams that clad the columns and spread up to the ceiling in intriguing shapes and waves are a new trend that can be seen in some of the most  fashionable and artistic designs around the word.  Examples of this trend that we have presented to your attention before are the Graffiti Café – Bulgaria and The Market- Space creation of LAB5. Now the new bar of CAA adds to this fashion stream and enriches the word map of contemporary design.   Photographs: Courtesy of CAA