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Modern Functional and Sustainable Orchard House


This contemporary villa project located in Sagaponack, New York is defined and consistent with its surrounding and gardens – called Orchard House this semi-detached home preserves the spirit of its hundred year’s history purpose and even the modern architectural approach succeed to reminiscent the lines and shapes of the former barn structures.




The rich gardens, meadow, lawns, and orchard are the center of the habitants’ life – open pavilions, swimming pool with a waterfowl resembling installation, a sliding glass walls that secure unobstructed access from the main structure to the gardens – all is made as a tribute to the surroundings and the original purpose of the property. This close connection between the architectural volumes and their natural surrounding transfuse not only to the interior decor but also to the architectural construction and sustainability. For the owners and for the architects from Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects was equally important the project to be with minimize footprint and environmentally conscious – so using geothermal heating, solar panels, planted roofs and careful selection of materials and finishes the architects succeed in creating modern, functional and sustainable building.





The interior solution is correspondingly elegant, contemporary and functional. The furniture forms are modern but with classical lines, the color palette is restrained but stylish allowing the thoughtful details and textures to stand out on the canvas of the interior. The minimalism of furnishing, colors and shapes is cleverly supplemented by artistic details – contemporary pieces of art are spread throughout the house, and intriguing textures (including trendsetting textural patterns). Partial wall constructs play the role of space dividers and exhibit surfaces. Smooth wooden furnishing and finishes bring comfort and warmth to the premises.   Photographer: Matthew Carbone