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Edge House With Unique Timeless Architectural Form


Modern, elegant and stylish – with unique shapes and design solutions this multidimensional house is located at the suburbs of Krakow, Poland. The exterior of the house with its intriguing shapes, unusual layout and dynamic forms is very futuristic and at the same time thanks to some classic implications and materials become a timeless architectural project. This family home creation of local architectural studio Mobius Architects  is adoringly surrounded by cozy gardens and carefully managed landscape.

edge house mobius architects 2

edge house mobius architects 1

carefully managed landscape 1

family home edge house

The interior of the house is dominated by the wooden cladding and panels which are cleverly alternating with the white character of the design solutions- panels, furniture, even lamps and decorative elements. The stylish contemporary clear lines of the furniture throughout the house are fortunately supplemented by the material choices of the architects and the simple tonality palette applied. The fresh blue, white, gray and wooden warmth as an emphasis. Glass is framed by thin metal constructs; the wooden cladding alternates with graphite skate stones and copper sheet metal. In summary – a spacious, light and modern dwelling that represents some of the best trends in Polish architecture and design.

graphite skate stones copper sheet metal

carefully managed landscape

glass framed thin metal constructs

edge house mobius architects

edge house

family home edge house 1

light modern dwelling 1

family home edge house pool

stylish contemporary clear lines furniture 1

stylish contemporary clear lines furniture

Photographs: Pawel Ulatowski

stylish contemporary clear lines furniture 2