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A Friendly and Welcoming Mexican Hotel


Very warm, very friendly and nonetheless very welcoming Mexican hotel that combines traditional charm with stylish warmth and catchy artistry. The architects of the B”O hotel – Muro Rojo Arquitectura were inspired and strongly influenced by the roots of the Mexican land, visible both in the surrounding nature and gardens and also in the architectural concept. The name of the hotel in Tzotzil language means water – so water and the other natural elements are present in the concept of the premises. In local songs the earth is the body, the wind is the stream, water is blood and fire is the spirit – so the architects conceptually entwined those spiritual ideas into the design and architecture of the hotel.





The color and texture of the earth on the walls, the abundance of wooden structures typical for the local vernacular architecture combined with new and fresh approach toward colors – pastel tonalities reflected by the exotic greenery of the luxuriant vegetation surrounding the premise – are proving the strong link between the architectural project and the Mexican land. A hotel created to “see the rain” (as the architects say) – that is this charming refuge and home away from home – with its warm comfort, natural atmosphere and strong connection with its surroundings.

hotel-interior-local-textile -clever-lighting-space-arranging-4


interior-local-textile -clever-lighting-space-arranging


hotel-interior-local-textile -clever-lighting-space-arranging


  The interior design of the hotel offers an intriguing combination of dynamic structures, shapes, and modern decorative elements and the strong presence of traditional textures, local textile solutions and clever lighting and space arranging techniques. In the rooms, in the communal premises and the suites – vintage furniture meets handmade details and designers elements and creates a very distinctive and charming character for this hotel design.


Photographs: Jaime Navarro

hotel-interior-local-textile -clever-lighting-space-arranging-1