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Handmade Floor Covering and Poufs by Gandia Blasco


Patricia Urquiola has innovative and original style that reflect at new Bandas indoor collection by Gandia Blasco. Floor covering, pouf chairs, chaise lounges and cushions made by hand by craftsmen and men in India, braided, and thick geometric textures embroidered by hand.



The new Bandas collection by GAN, Gandia Blasco’s indoor brand, is the result of the search for unique items of interior furniture inspired by the genius of Patricia Urquiola and made by hand by craftswomen and men in India. It’s no secret that for both – the brand and the designer the success of Bandas is a question of empathy, above all.



In a small village in India characterised by abandoned shops and a high rate of unemployment, this craft based project brought new life back to the community. The optimum solution was reached by adapting the manufacturing concept behind the production of carpets to the possibilities and conditions of this community: embroidered strips of textile measuring 60cm in width with Velcro attached to the sides providing visual versatility and contrast. “… we are always on the look out for techniques which we can use to develop our products in order to offer our designers possibilities that best adapt to their creativity and allow our craftspeople to evolve through their work, making sure it doesn’t disappear”



Suitable for the floor or covering pouffes, chairs, chaise longues and cushions its design incorporates Velcro side straps that facilitate joining or changing the pieces, easily updating interior décors as required. “This collection consists of a series of juxtapositions, easy to use and the presentation of interchangeable embroidered strips as an innovative idea,” explains the Spanish designer based in Italy.



Urquiola’s innovative and original style is reflected in the patterns of every carpet: braided and thick geometric textures embroidered by hand. Background colours include light grey, cream, pale pink and black, contrasting with the vibrant colours of the embroidery, blue, orange and yellow as well as warm tones such as beige and dark brown. More than simply a carpet, item of furniture or decorative accessory, BANDAS represents exclusive design, quality craftsmanship and modularity without limit.