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Luxury Residence with Glamorous Elements and Use of Natural Materials


Ok, we all know that the South African luxury estates are famous with their clear, stylish and contemporary approach towards architecture and design. This new creation of AA Interiors is a wonderful example of that trend. The project of a home at the De Zalze Winelands and Golf Estate is designed for a family already familiar with the work of the architects so their fresh, dynamic and innovative approach towards the task in hand was expected. Providing the home with all necessary leisure-time features (beautiful views, gardens, pool and courtyards) the architects – typically for them – added some artistic elements combined with trendy designer pieces and good quality materials.




Created for the people who love to entertain the main feature of the living premises is the bespoke glass wine cellar that symbolically separates the open space living room into two dining and sitting zones. The beautiful wood beams of the vast pinch-roofed ceiling are illuminated at bout half’s with intriguing designer’s lighting solutions, which as all lamps throughout the house, are essential part of the modern and stylish interior design for this project. The living room areas are also memorable with the futuristically shaped coffee tables mixed with local wooden art chairs and classic comfort sofas – decided in monochrome colors with vitally upholstered cushions. These areas of the house flow out onto the outdoor entertainment deck and infinity pool with a beautiful view over waterbody and mountains.






The glass and mirror play in the corridor, where the tight timer cantilevered staircase leads to second floor under the light of fragile and graceful glass lamps, is a very clever solution which successfully multiplies the image of the beautiful wooden sculpture from Angus Taylor.
The interior decor is designed by Mark Rielly and Sarika Jacobs from AA Interiors. Using modern furniture that is complementary to the location and the purpose of the house the designers create a sophisticated sense of understated luxury. Bespoke furniture from OKHA Interiors is featured throughout.