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Ukraine House with Character – Combination of Contemporary and Rustically-Domestic Styles


This contemporary project of Ukrainian architect Sergey Makno is a house of contrasts – starting from the facade – the modern cubical shapes of the architectural volumes are adorn by raw wooden columns and two of the walls are clad in oak discs, adding in this way classic, natural warmth to the modern cold concrete and the black brickwork. This juxtaposition also transfuses to the interior decoration of the house – thick and fragile forms coexist into the furnishing solutions, heavy and light elements, textured and smooth surfaces construct the premise.






  The modern shapes of the furniture are mostly custom-made by local designers and firms – interesting and noteworthy, decided in natural materials and earthy colors, they bring homey comfort and artistry to the space. No doubt the main focal point of the open-float living premises is the two story high bookshelf and the pale wooden of the staircase beautifully juxtaposing the timber natural color to the black background. Another noteworthy elegant piece of furniture is the wooden side table with a V-shaped top designed to support the spine of an open book – further underlining the owners’ affection for the good read.






In the living room, separated by gray stone kitchen island from the cooking area, the beige and gray tonality of the furnishing is framed by black accents (in the curtains hem or the back covered brass lamps). Floor-to-ceiling windows and two skylights provide abundance of natural light and spaciousness.  On the second floor, the elegant style of the furnishing and textures continues decorating the master suite, the guest’s bedrooms and the children quarters. A vital addition to stronger colors spices up the premises – deep blue, aquamarine, and vibrant orange add comfort and warmth to the color palette. Quite amusing and artistic are the giant animal sculptures and intriguingly shaped furniture at the children rooms. On and all; a space with character and intriguing combination of contemporary and rustically-domestic styles.  Photography is by Andrey Avdeenko.