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Holy Fox Restaurant in Moscow


Inspired by Asian cuisine and culture the Holy Fox restaurant is located in central Moscow and carry an eclectic spirit that combines urban decor, contemporary art and stylish exotic. Wall graffiti, fresh Asian accents in decorative artworks, fox printed motifs – all create dynamic artful atmosphere that is elegantly combined with the Scandinavian minimalism that lies in the restaurant interior base.



Mikhail Kozlov – the creator of the interior is also a co-owner of the place and he successfully transfuses the fusion of the cuisine into the surrounding atmosphere. On this artistic restaurant walls the Crazy Japanese chief (printed on a steel sheet with newest technology) meets with bespoke flax tissue painted with ornamental foxes (which are significant characters in Asian myths) and that creates an amalgam of Asian elements laid on urban-style row concrete bricks and illuminated from Moooi lamps and lighting solutions.



The color palette is unfolded on a gray – beige base that brings elegant Eastern simplicity and adds to the urban dynamic of the place.  The materials and furniture used in the interior are modern and functional – paneling of plywood, metal framing, plaster fixtures. As usual the tables and chairs (so important for a restaurant decor and comfortable enjoyment) are not only functional elements but also an artistic addition – in this case the thin, elegant lines of the chairs are supplemented by the stability of the wooden tables.  Photographs: Frank Herfort