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Party House Project by Pitsou Kedem Architects


Pitsou Kedem Architects had established himself as one of the most trendy and artistic architects in Israel’s designer scene nowadays. This Party House project created for a young family with three children is a wonderful example of contemporary, dynamic and cheerful home, constructed with the best materials available and with an eclectic approach towards decoration. Combining privacy and open public spaces, latest trends in modern design and rustic furnishing elements (like the beautiful untainted wood top for the dining table surrounded by Kartell Masters Chairs with simple shapes) the designer creates unique sparse with strong character.




The house consists of two interesting volumes – one a family area and the other “entertainment center” with a six-meter-tall wine cooler – and a contemporary landscape garden with vast swimming pool in front of them. Both premises characterize with modern emanation, large glass walls, and white lattice framework that adds to the airy concept of the house. The light frames not only of the architectural construct but also of the furnishing solutions (starting with the tall elegant bar chairs and finishing with the delicate art elements and sculptures) bring additional party free spirit and fun dynamic to the concept. The color choices add to that; the stylish black and gray base is spiced up with vital yellow elements that excite the atmosphere. Elegant, long and bright yellow – the ladder that leaned to the wine cooler is not only a functional element but also a visual accent supplemented by modern furniture with similar features.  Every detail of this project (from the lighting solutions, through the wooden walls, to the textural choices) is as typical for Kedem – innovative, stylish with a reference to the classic quality standards.