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Concrete Spiral Staircases by Rizzi


Pure architectural volumes, perfect spirals in lightweight concrete that act as a connection between storeys, enhancing the value of the settings and accommodating the requirements of contemporary living spaces.



The self-supporting staircase winds around itself according to the available space in a harmonious upward crescendo to become a fundamental element of interior design, as well as a functional feature.

Rizzi combines a sophisticated design with a perfect technical core: the company only uses top quality lightweight pre-mixed concrete that always features the perfect chemical balance, laid onto certified reinforcements that achieve superior resistance standards and anti-seismic analyses.

Individual prefabricated modules are put together to form self-supporting staircases, with 11 standard diameters of between 125 cm and a maximum of 300 cm, to offer fully customizable staircases according to the finishes of the intended surroundings.

The logic behind the installation of Rizzi‘s reinforced concrete spiral staircases drastically reduces installation times: individual unrefined steps are shipped and subsequently assembled directly on site and they include the tread, the riser and at either end the stringer which, when assembly has been completed, will form two spiral stringer boards notched to accommodate the reinforcement connecting the starting storey to the landing.

The staircase will subsequently be finished according to the customer’s time frame and requirements. The treads and risers can also be clad with wood, stainless steel, ceramic, marble and resin.
The company sells both finished and unrefined staircases.