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Mountain Guest House


We definitely would like to be guests in this Guest House located in artistic Barcelona! Placed amidst beautiful green gardens, with romantically inviting facade this extension of an existing property possesses simple charm and stylish presence. The house captures the attention and admiration immediately, starting with its facade. Beautiful and ingenious shade protection, the wicker pergola, placed in iron structure, in combination with the stone clad walls and the elegant gardening furniture emanates warm charm and welcoming spirit. The architects from Dom Architecture, which created this mountain-spirit guest house, in the place of an existing volume, choose to understand the inner premises as almost single and continuous space, creating in this way the feeling of spaciousness and unobstructed float between premises. And that float and openness extends to the wooden deck terrace and out to the garden and the exterior, connecting in this way the house with its surrounding.




The interior design of the house is sustained in light colors with black detail accents and clear lined contemporary furniture with elegant emanation. In the bedroom, bringing uniqueness and homey feeling, a custom made continuous furniture blends with the beautiful light wood of the flooring and extends into the wide window frame. This elegantly and naturally formed nudge can be used as a leisure time bench from which to observe the fresh garden. Clever solutions like that, the simplicity of shapes and textures and the functionality of the house furnishing create very characteristic and domestic ambiance for this sweet, stylish guest house.  Photographs: Courtesy of Dom Architecture