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Interior Design Trends – The Dark Color Schemes are Back


The new trend in coloring and interior design atmosphere coming fresh from the  imm Cologne trade fair speaks of a dark turn in the interior design, of a dynamic and moody ambiances and dramatic suggestions in the interior solution – reflecting the reality of the world’s historic development and global situation.


Pivot collection by Tom Dixon made with internal metal frame, moulded foam upholstery and rotating die-cast aluminium base.


The extravagant fabric by Création Baumann – curtain Eprisma, pyramid like triangles transmutes into a striking sculpture.


New Minotti collection presented at imm Cologne designed by Rodolfo Dordoni.


The Topaz kitchen range demonstrates how wonderfully copper and supermatt black combine to create one of the most beautiful partnerships imaginable.


Clear light, pastel nuances – varying from rose-ashes to baby blue, cheerful models and light wood, a cooper and shining surfaces – here and there for glitter – that was the dominating Nordic interior tradition for the last few years – spreading even further south from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. That is over now. In a time of global crises, every-day wars and protest, climate change and extinction of species – it seems inappropriate for all that cheerfulness and sugary interiors – they no longer offer the comfort and security needed in this dynamic era. The designers, manufacturers, and renowned brands presented a darker vision on the 66-th edition of furniture exhibition in Cologne.


SieMatic’s Urban design theme debut at the 2015 LivingKitchen exhibition in Cologne, it is a freestanding unit with high level of functionality and versatility.



Kristalia renew Boiacca, Rama and Sharky collections at Imm Cologne.


Black walls, black tables and chairs, black shelves, even black kitchens fittings, supplemented by dark gray or burgundy-red tonalities for the soft furniture, textiles, and rugs. Materials with heavy textures – like velvet, plush, wool and suede are just a precious new addition to the interior solutions. The dark polished wood covers everything from cladding and flooring to furniture and decorative elements. Those kinds of interiors offer a sense of security and huddle comfort because they have a deeper visual presentation, softer emanations and blurred crones of the space. Interiors that offer a safe haven and cave – like shelter for the comfort of its inhabitants – that’s one of the goals of this year color trend.


Chinese architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu have been invited by imm Cologne to create Das Haus 2015, a 240sqm residential house simulation at the annual international design fair in Cologne.







The dark, mysterious and cozy apartment that offers security and refuge to the constantly exposed individual will have probably bigger and more important place in the future architecture and design in this fast Internet, food, and communication environment we live in.


Spacecrafted is a new collection of rugs from German designer Jan Kath that takes hi-res satellite images of the great beyond and turn them into super detailed wool and silk patterns.