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Jujube Collection by 4P1B Design Studio


4P1B Design Studio presented Jujube easy chair. Collection designed for Chairs&More is a full range of furniture for both the outdoor and the indoor use.



Jujube is a full range of sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chairs inspired by a very distinctive graphic design. The tubular metal back characterises the entire collection and becomes an important decorative element that, depending on the version, makes itself more or less prominent. The collection offers many variations that can be created both in terms of selected finishes or combination of components.


Jujube is a true compositional system of modular elements that can be combined to create different types of seating arrangement. The sofa, for example, can be a two-seater sofa, with bench or ottoman, may have two backs or be asymmetrical and even used indoor or outdoor, depending on the variations chosen.


The materials and finishes are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, because of the galvanized coating, laminated larch, weaving in nautical rope, UV tested fabric and resistance to humidity. The selection of original materials, make the Jujube collection an authentic piece of furniture for indoor use, with the padded back and the range of colorful fabrics that adapt to different styles of interior design.