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Urban Dallas Dwelling with Comfortable and Arty Furniture Solutions


This modern and functional house is located on the hills above Dallas City, USA. It’s impressive not only with its stylish modern architecture, characteristic urban interior decor and great views, but also with the luxury of the construction materials and the fashionable furnishing and textures.





The architects from M Gooden Design deliberately left exposed the materials they used in the shaping of this contemporary residence – wood, concrete, glass and steel are contributing to the row premise exposition. The warehouse-like details including the cargo door of the bedroom, the pre-manufactured steel modules at the ceiling and walls, the polished concrete floors and the vast open premises add strongly to the urbanistic expression of the design. These raw features are elegantly softened by the presence of some distinctive, vital and welcoming pieces of furniture – mostly by the Ligne Roset.







The spacious living room decided mainly in white – with its shining surfaces and granite floors is spiced up by the deep red Ploum sofa designed by Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec. This cozy veritable nest with its freely-formed shape brings comfort and sophisticated warmth to the contemporary premise. Another vital colored sofa solution is the thematic yellow Ruché by Inga Sempé. Minimalistic bench – formed sofa that turns the staircase hallway into place for relaxation and leisure.



polished concrete floors

Despite its minimalistic dispositions the house possesses all the desirable luxury premises – swimming pool, garden, gallery view area on the second floor and secluded roof terrace that  hosts not only spectacular views, comfy modern furniture (again from Ligne Roset solution that is suitable for inside and out) and architectural features that bring artistry. The functional kitchen zone extends into soft sitting area behind the modern kitchen island – the space is relaxing, artistic and elegant. With timeless furniture (comfortable leather sofa and gorgeous walnut chair) artistic decorations and beautiful copper coffee-table the space is a combination of modern and classic comfort.


urban Dallas dwelling