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Patchwork Rug Collection by Werner Aisslinger


The new collection of Vorwerk “Elementary Shapes” is created from the master of collages and honeycombs Werner Aisslinger – this virtuoso with creative hands follows honorably the footsteps of Hadi Teherani’s highly successful carpet tile collection. Werner Aisslinger has interpreted the subject of fitted area floor coverings in a new way with soft, organic shapes.





“Primary geometric shapes that form a part of our everyday perception in the sense of archetypes served as the inspiration for the ‘Elementary Shapes’ that emerged. Shapes like these equally gained fame during fairly recent design history – for instance in the Memphis era,” explains the designer based in Berlin.
The components of “Elements” and the freely shaped area rug islands “Mito” and “Leaf” originated from his concept. The textile feel of “Elementary Shapes” allows a sense of cosiness, warmth and comfort to arise in a cool architectural surrounding. The component units form a new playground for carpet zones while enhancing areas in a targeted manner. With “Elementary Shapes” Werner Aisslinger is imparting a new face to the area rug.

The free-form area rugs entitled “Mito” and “Leaf” constitute another segment of “Elementary Shapes”. “Mito”- a rounded, curved triangle, and the eponymous “Leaf” devote themselves to accenting ‘homey’ islands at a business site and provide creative solutions towards a pleasing spatial atmosphere. The rug areas give a distinct emphasis to lounges, lobbies and meeting sectors. The resultingly satisfying residential look sets them apart from their stern interior architectural environment while giving each area a special touch. The soft, organic shapes are put together from modules partitioned by strips of woollen felt, some in bright, luminous hues. Each of these unusual geometries is available in two different formats.