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Urban Garden Restaurant in Athens


„Urban Garden“ is very happily chosen and descriptive name for this contemporary and artistic restaurant project located in Athens, Greece. The architects from AK_A successfully create a welcoming and fresh atmosphere that resemblance a relaxing garden and picnic atmosphere but with a modern edge and dynamic approach towards details. Casually spread throughout the premise garden beds, planter boxes and pots provide not only a fresh greenery decor but also vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This approach is ideologically harmonizing with the gourmet kitchen that offers seasonal dishes, organic food, and locally sourced menu items.




The interior decoration offers many unique and intriguing details that create unforgettable ambiance for the Urban Garden. Starting with the intriguing custom made (by AK-A) lighting solutions throughout the restaurant, passing by the artistic bar made from old caravan that brings artistry and unexpected twist into the premise design, noticing  the beautiful wooden benches and picnic tables with their informal charm, and of course nonetheless the unusual design of the chairs throughout the garden restaurant. The sculptural wooden landscape composed of multilevel seating areas, bars and dining zones is sustained in natural, crisp and clean color palette containing – lime green, olive green and white, with dark wooden surfaces and a casual yellow splash. Dominated by the “garden” part of its name with multiple greenish elements – from the natural plants, through the artificial ivy to the furnishing – the restaurant offers refreshing, light and modern urban refuge. Photographs: Nikos Alexopoulos