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Modern Family Residence with a Touch of a Countryside


Studio Tolicci have designed this family residence using cherry wood decor and wooden beams in ceiling to accomplish country style home interior.




The design of the space consists of a connection of a living room with dining area and kitchen. The owner had a few requirements that we had to consider in our design: using wooden beams in the ceiling, the floor, and furniture should be made of cherry wood, and dining table should be in country style from solid wood.
Since the entire floor consists of vivid cherry wood, as a contrasting color we decided to use charcoal color, which in combination with white color is balancing and dampening. Because our design connects all parts of the interior, we decided to use paneling in the form of a stripe in cherry wood décor with lined anthracite strips. This stripe extends from living room from behind the TV to the kitchen part, where we incorporated it into the kitchen cabinets. This stripe defines the wholly designed space and underlines its perspective. The dominant feature of the living room has become the fireplace, which we completed with sofa of anthracite color and gray armchair. We tuned the carpet in the shade of the floor, so we managed to create an interesting effect in the form of a material change of the chosen color shades. All dark shades are perfectly balanced with white ceiling and white remaining parts of the walls, so the space doesn´t act heavy.
For the massive rustic table, that stands out in the dining area, we have chosen simple upholstered chairs with metal legs, which became some sort of design transition from the massive table, lighting and cherry floor. The dominant feature of this space is the tailor-made lighting, which brings to the space a stamp of luxury and makes it unique. All these features had to be subtly tuned, as the solid wooden table and the cherry shades are not easy to tune, and the tuning can easily result in failure.




One of the requirements of the owners was to involve the corner window in a kitchen and use it as an overlooking space when washing in the corner kitchen sink. The kitchen cabinet continues with tall cabinets, which contains built-in appliances. The kitchen island is also part of the kitchen and contains a storage system from the dining area side in the form of shelves and cabinets. The dominant feature of the kitchen became the white block-shaped kitchen hood placed over the kitchen island, which perfectly defines the kitchen area. The definition of the kitchen island is also underlined with the lowered ceiling, which is tuned in anthracite color. According to client´s requirement we acknowledged the beams in the ceiling and decided to tune them in soft white color, allowing the beams to create a pleasant grid into which we mounted the ceiling lights.
This project was little unusual  with designing in the spirit of the TOLICCI brand, but since the space has to look like vintage interior, we modernized the space by using features of our design and we brought it to and interesting and pleasant function with a stamp of excellence.