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City West Water Head Office


Very relaxes, very colorful and o, so cheerful working space. As we have mentioned many times before the tendencies for working spaces and offices are – as much movement, informality and color as possible – the works place does not have to look and feel like a torture device no more – no, instead the creative spirit and welcoming atmosphere are the ones that matter. So this new headquarter for City West Water company created by Gray Puksand is no exception – ideologically linked to the 3 natural states of the water (the main work target for the company) – ice, liquid and vapour – the design concept is imaginative, colorful and welcoming.





Since CWW is a sustainable water business, which provides innovative services to their local community, the environmental considerations were immanent for the architects when designing the building new layout. Apart from the high-quality natural materials used in the interior design of this office space the idea of integrity and interconnection was also essential for the design. Interconnected breakout spaces that for a natural hub and are connected even vertically via and open stairway – creates a common space that offers not only harmonious work environment, but also a relaxed retreat if needed.



Using strong, vital colors, the designers create color-themed floors and zones – ice blue, forest fresh green, hot orange entwine and build very welcoming and creative work niches. This vital color scheme is supplemented by soft inviting furniture, smooth curved shapes, designer’s lighting solutions and unexpected decor elements. The natural material palette is dominated by wood, soft textures and upholsteries that constitute comfort and style. Photographs: Mark Duffus