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PANO – Three Floors Penthouse Residence


Ever wonder how does a high sky a luxury in paradise climate looks like? This Bangkok located project of  Ayutt and Associates design will give some answers to that. PANO – Penthouse represents high-end luxury, modern design and enchanting location on the 53-55th floor of a residential tower.

terrace swimming pool area plus breathtaking view

terrace swimming pool area breathtaking view

terrace breathtaking view

This modern urban habitat has all of the features inherent to a Thai house “on the ground” including garden, terrace and swimming pool area plus a breathtaking view. The exciting terrace on the 55th floor with the floating on the edge swimming pool and cozy leisure-time furnishing is one of the characteristic and memorable features of this three floors penthouse residence. It’s capturing and romantic atmosphere achieved through candlelight, sculptures and discreet greenery installations it’s really inviting and enchanting.

high sky luxury paradise

modern urban habitat

high sky luxury

sophisticated material palette living room decor

Otherwise, all of the penthouse interior designs emanates luxury, dynamic urban and social life and sophisticated style. Art collection of the owner greets the visitors at the first of the tree floors living area. The furnishing there is modern but unostentatious in dark tones with domination of marble, glass and shining surfaces. Altogether the spaces throughout the apartment are very dynamic and functionally modernistic, as architecture and design alike – colored glass and mirrored surfaces create labyrinth-like fluidity of the premises, sophisticated material palette and unexpected detail presence add to the character of the space.

penthouse interior

dark tones domination marble glass interior

penthouse interior designs emanates luxury

colored glass mirrored surfaces

penthouse interior green wall decor

penthouse interior green wall

penthouse interior green wall bathroom