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Leather Wall and Floor Tiles by Lapelle Design


Brand new wall and floor coverings designed by Studio Lapèlle, tiles with a unique “touch” able to create a new extremely evocative glossary of interior design.


Natural, material, suggestive. Brand new walls and floors coverings, with a unique “touch” able to create a new extremely evocative vocabulary of interior design.
Lapèlle allows you to tell stories trough texture and color, to create rhythmic compositional games, symmetries and perspectives with a tailoring attention to the detail and great customization capabilities. There are no limits to creativity: Lapèlle is a palette of colors and materials for architects and professionals especially thought for their projects both contract and home.
Many different shades of color combined with different types of skin, from the most classic inspired by the colors of the nature to the cooler with metallic, iridescent and sculptural effects. Different tiles dimensions and shapes: square, rectangular and triangular (all mixable between them) in the “flat version” or, for some models, in 3D.


Lapèlle is not only elegance but also creativity, fantasy, and Italian craftsmanship: the system, exclusive patent Lapèlle, combines high quality and design to a unique technique. Through its unique installation system, in fact, each leather tile can be installed and replaced easily and without structural work. The composition of the tiles, which doesn’t have any rigid or heavy structure, also allows the perfect installation on any surface, even curved or irregular and their lightness does not affect the buildings.
Lapèlle tiles are made of bovine or full-grain buffalo finished leather saddled in the mold with a polyurethane structure with medium density, which allows the installation also in humidity conditions as in a bathroom. The saddling does not use either glues nor solvent resins. The leather is treated to be waterproof and stain-proof. Lapèlle leather tiles also have  sound-absorbency properties.