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Spacious Bedroom Interior by Studio Tolicci


Studio Tolicci have designed this exquisite bathroom and bedroom in spacious apartment in Bratislava.


Project Description: Bedroom
French Windows are used to the whole width of the room to make the most out of daylight. The wall behind the bed is tiled with the same walnut wood that features in other parts of the house. Walls are painted white with fine golden stripes.


The dominant feature of the room is all upholstered bed on legs from the world famous Italian furniture manufacturer. Another feature, which our client wanted to use, are the subtle bedside tables, for which we had to create a space and color conditions. Given the size of these tables we decided to use wall lightings with movable shade. The white designer lighting along with the golden trim supports the overall colorfulness and the nature of the bedroom design.


Our client is a book lover so we decided to incorporate modern style bookcases into the design.  They are easy to carry, and their black and white color lightens up the whole space. We repeated the shiny white material on the wall opposite the bed, where it creates a contrast with the dark gray wall. The selected color combination helps the designed libraries to excel. The space in front of the bed is complemented by practical poufs, which are from the same manufacturer as the bed and for this reason they´re complete each other very well. The color of the poufs fits well with the color of the bed tables, and together they help to create a coherent and balanced design. Our goal was to create a space that exudes comfort, and it´s, for this reason, the ideal place to relax after a hard day´s work.


Exquisite bathroom and WC in spacious apartment in Bratislava


The dominant feature of the bathroom has become a magnificent washbasin from the world famous brand. The washbasin is placed on a massive board in walnut decor, which is also used in the rest of the interior. The uniqueness of our design rests in the use of a wooden mosaic – it´s made from solid wood and then stained and impregnated with protective material. This makes the mosaic water resistant and, for this reason, is suitable for the use in a bathroom area. By using a wooden mosaic we wanted to break the traditionally used methods (f. o. usage of ceramic tiles), and we decided to apply modern principles and methods of coating and surface finishes. We can include among the modern coatings also Magic Touch coating – with its finish it is well suited even for shower cabin.


In the bathroom, we decided to use a combination of two colors – chocolate brown and white. In the space above the sink and under the mirror we placed golden trims, which are so characteristic of us and which also follows the design of the above-mentioned areas. The timelessness of the interior is also supported by a special radiator with a smooth surface without ribs. The chrome arms are for black towels. The whole radiator is tuned to anthracite gray color. The dominant designer feature in the interior is the luxury lighting, which with its oblong location beautifully highlights the direct view from the window after the door is open.  We created the luxury effect of the bathroom with the non-standard surface finishes and coatings, which push the boundaries and possibilities of the design.

We have approached the design of the toilet in the same spirit as the design of the bathroom. We used the same surface finish of the walls in the form of Magic Touch coating in the same color combination of chocolate brown and white color. In the case of WC, we have used the massive wooden mosaic only in one wide stripe into which we fitted a mirror, as requested by our client. A small washbasin also found a place here. It´s from the same series as it is used in the bathroom. Since we placed the toilet under the window, we created a parapet high 1,2 meter. We used the space between the parapet and the window for stocking storage shelving system with sliding doors. Thanks to reused walnut decor, we united the toilet with the rest of the interior. To support the connection of bathroom and toilet we used the same lights as are in the bathroom. However, we have chosen alternative single pieced lights fitted into the ceiling. The golden trim not only supported the whole concept and added a stamp of exclusivity, but also created a color divide on the wall.