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Red by Luciano de Liberato


Luciano de Liberato is an Italian painter and great colourists. In 2012, one of his works – Red – 2003 was chosen as an image of the Lincoln Center Festival in New York, which gave to his work global renown. In his work, you will see a wonderful abstract composition, brilliant color and a visionary.




Luciano describes his work by saying: “My work started with minimalistic, line-based research, eliminating concepts of shape and color. After some years, such rigorous work blossomed in a rich and lively language able to convey a broad spectrum of emotions through a dynamic interplay of rhythm and music. I am a very rigorous painter; nothing is left to chance. Even in the absence of a fully formalized project, everything is fully composed of mental images and assembled with great precision. In one body of research after the other, my aim is always the same: to compose, using shape, structure and color, a “theatrical” poetry, because I am deeply convinced that a fully developed visual theatre and its spiritual enchantment, are an essential part of great art.”