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Rodeio Restaurant


Restaurant with long lasting traditions in serving steakhouse menus to the local “vaqueiros” (cowboys) in Sao Paulo, Brazil the “Rodeio” recently open its first branch and entrusted the design to Isay Weinfeld.

massive grill rodeio restaurant

center gastronomic life rodeio restaurant

restaurant design isay weinfeld

Drawing the inspiration for the interior from its origins and traditions, but using a contemporary approach and clear lined space arrangement the designers created a modern, welcoming ambiance for the Rodeio restaurant. Rodeo ropes hanging from the walls, cowhides upholstering the chairs and cladding walls, dark wood for ceiling and furniture – all has its roots in the southern Brazil “cowboy” history and traditional local cuisine. The long, massive grill, which occupies the middle of the restaurant space, becomes not only a center for gastronomic life but also a focal point of the design. The rich plant life and greenery serve not only to vitalize the premise but also as a space division element. Photographs: Romulo Fialdini

modern rodeio restaurant

modern welcoming ambiance rodeio restaurant

rich plant life greenery rodeio restaurant

rodeio restaurant furniture

rodeio restaurant interior