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Paseo de Gracia Penthouse in Barcelona


Very sophisticated and romantic, with unostentatious luxury – this Barcelona situated penthouse has its intriguing history and memorably elegant character. The architects from CaSA – Colombo and Serboli Architecture had started the project with a scratch – finding suitable space for the client (a large Norwegian family)- completely demolishing it and creating brand new layout that includes up to four bedrooms, large terraces and welcoming living area to host the whole family.

penthouse interior

opening space panoramic windows

penthouse interior living room

charming terraces dining area

The concept of opening space with panoramic windows and uninterrupted float to the charming terraces makes the surrounding historical buildings and artistic part of the interior decor and visually extends the premises. Also through extensive usage of light colors, mirrors and glass surfaces the architect succeed in creating free, cheerful and spacious feeling for this home.  Barcelona is artistic and sunny city ant this penthouse interior thoughtfully reflects that, furthermore the materials and colors chosen by the architects for the project are inspired by the materials and colors of the surrounding city views and this allows visually to connect interiors and exteriors.

wooden elements terrases

marble kitchen island

penthouse interior dining area

penthouse interior living room flooring

light colors mirrors glass surfaces

The curve motif, that appears throughout the apartment, brings softness and modern charm to the premise – you can find it in the soft line drawn on the doors closing the “bedroom box”, in the shape of the corridor towards the entrance, and in the rounded corner of the marble kitchen island. The light color base, marble, and wooden elements, supplemented by clever lighting solutions and occasional strong color details also contribute to the elegant and distinctive character of this loft. Clear surfaces and delicate textures, elegant contemporary shapes and wanted, natural simplicity -this Barcelona penthouse is a delight to observe and enjoy. Photos by Roberto Ruiz

penthouse interior 1

surrounding historical buildings

penthouse interior bedroom

charming terraces bedroom

uninterrupted float charming terraces