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Apartment Facing the Sea in Barra


Arthur Casas has a studio at Pacaembu, upscale neighborhood of Sao Paulo, that performs the most various projects – luxury houses – that demonstrate the Brazilian lifestyle.




Marked by lightness, this apartment of 800 facing the sea in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, is the perfect translation of Arthur Casas aesthetics. He loves horizontal space, large rooms with natural light, modernist spirit and furniture signed by great names of Brazilian design. “The architect’s work becomes more refined with time and today I feel extremely satisfied with what we do in the office,” he says. He designed this apartment for a family of three people. “We remodeled the apartment, only used the art collection that the couple already had,” he says. The basic idea was to demolish the walls and unite space.


Overlooking the sea, all rooms communicate through large sliding doors, which are most of the time open, forming a large lounge. In the couple’s suite, bed and bath are facing the sea. The furniture is a collection of unique and rare pieces of antique, but sofas and tables are signed by the architect. There is a harmony between architecture, decoration, and landscape. The color palette of furniture, objects, walls, upholstery and floor are neutral. “The colors are soft because the tones that come from outside – the sea, the mountain, the sky – are already very strong,” says the architect. Here, luxury is minimalist and shows up in a sophisticated simplicity.