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Stylish Family Residence in Bratislava


Studio Tolicci have designed this stylish, family residence in Bratislava, a main challenge ware to re-create a perfect new modern design with a historical fusion of dominant pieces of the household.


Project Description: We have approached our latest design from Bratislava not only in style, which is characteristic for us, but we also materialized some clear ideas of our client. The client expressed a desire to include some of the already existing features such as a sofa suite, an art painting in chunky wooden frame and historic cabinet. Because the sofa is a dominant feature in every interior, we submit the whole design to it. We also had to find a suitable location for the painting, which with its chunky frame predetermined the character of the whole interior. Our main challenge was to re-create a perfect new modern design with a historical fusion of dominant pieces of the household.

dark-gray-strip -height-fireplace

Living room
The family residence with its layout made space for connecting living room with dining area, which also passes smoothly into the kitchen. We connected the above – mentioned areas with connecting features, in this case with golden trims. We garnished the surrounding area around the fireplace and the fireplace itself, with wood in a walnut decor. For a revival of the decor, we combined it with dark gray strip in the height of the fireplace. We complemented the strip with already mentioned golden connecting trims. The strip passes up to the kitchen cabinets and continues on the opposite side with an extension to the hallway, which leads to the bathroom, toilet, and other rooms. Thanks to clear lines of the area and the paneling we used, we managed to unite this interior and highlight its continuity. The overall tuning of the interior was achieved by lighting, which we used in the surrounding area of the fireplace and the glassed part towards the terrace, and by one piece of lighting above the dining table from the exclusive brand.


The big challenge for us was to find a suitable place for the painting with thick historical frame. The goal was to let this painting stand out, but it had to act as a part of the interior. The art piece found its place on the wall behind the sofa, which with a help of a wooden prism paneling we divided into two parts. A left white part serves to highlight the painting while the second part, made of darker walnut wood, complements the fireplace and other areas of this living space.
We used the wooden material for a ceiling too. Two white strips of spotlights brighten up the ceiling and appropriately complement the used paneling. Embedded lightings give space a modern touch and stylishly complement the historical features used in the interior.


Dining room
We decided that this was the best place to make the antique cabinet shine. The idea of making this cabinet as in-wall unit paid off. Space got tiled with the same wood already used in a living room which beautifully connected both rooms in same style and spirit. Ceiling material and color were kept neutral this time, giving a chance to the designer chandelier and space to show its beauty.
The dominant feature of the dining area became the stylish dining table with massive slab and glass legs. The wooden decor of the dining table fits with the design of the whole interior and at the same time, the glass legs interestingly lighten it up. We complement the table with simple, comfortable chairs with subtle frame and upholstered seats.



As already mentioned, the dining room is optically connected with the rest of the interior of the kitchen. To ease this connection we chose white shiny material, which is complemented with continuing dark gray stripe and edging golden trim. French windows illuminate the whole space. The kitchen also features a built-in refrigerator with electrical appliances with kitchen cabinets reaching the ceiling. The simplicity and timelessness of the kitchen cabinets underlines the overall feel of the interior.




We approached the entrance of the residence in the same style as the rest of the design. We used the continuity set up in the living room and continued towards the other parts of the presented interior. The dark gray stripe with golden trimming passes from fireplace to the built-in cabinet. It occupies half of the width of the wall, while on the rest of the wall we applied wooden paneling in a walnut decor.  Thus, when the glass sliding doors open, space acts unifying and professionally. Thanks to this paneling the unconventional designer mirror with white frame stands out and also contrasts with the used decor. By placing the cabinet on one-half of the wall, we also got space for practical pouf with a diameter of 1 meter, which we complemented with white side table. The entrance area is also complemented with dark gray wall, on which is situated an interestingly designed hanger on golden trim, which also serves as a connecting feature with the built-in cabinet. To make space more special, we hung 4 lowered lightings in the corner of the room from the same series as those used in the living room and dining area. We put interesting lamps into the ceiling. With their asymmetrical layout, we created a ceiling game which adds to the whole area a special character.